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Your RFQ List is Empty - Go to a product's spec and drawing page and click on:

New RFQ System - Works like a shopping cart for you RFQs. Save time by adding items to
your RFQ List and submit when done.

  1. When viewing specs and drawing pages for a given catalog number, click the
    "Add to RFQ" button to put the current item in your RFQ List.

    Below it you will find an indicator totaling the items in your RFQ List.
    RFQ: 2 Items

  2. On your RFQ List: you can modify dB values, change quantities or delete items.
    When you're finished with your changes, press to save.

  3. Now you can or press (See #6 below).

  4. To choose multiple dB values for the same Catalog item:

    Pressing will bring you back to the item and pressing
    "Add to RFQ" will add it to your RFQ list.

    Now simply modify dB values and quantity then press

  5. You can view your RFQ List at any time by clicking

  6. When you are finished adding items to your list, Press and enter your contact information.

  7. Review your RFQ List. If you find an error, press the Back button on your browser to return to your RFQ List and correct the information.

  8. Submit you RFQ.

EXPORT CONTROL PROVISIONS - Products offered on MECA quotations are subject to all applicable export and re-export laws and regulations of the United States of America. Customer agrees not to resell or re-export product or technical data without obtaining appropriate licenses when required.