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707S-1.550, SMA-Female, 1.450-1.650 GHz

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MECA’s 707S-1.550 3 dB 180° hybrid coupler features a frequency range of 1.450 - 1.650 GHz, power rating of 100 watts (1000 watts peak). These units are equipped with N-Female connectors and a rugged aluminum housing coated with a clear iridite finish for long lasting, reliable performance. Made in USA and offer low insertion loss and excellent VSWR. Whether you are designing a duplexer, combining amplifiers or just need a 90° phase shift with high isolation to avoid mixing signals, then MECA’s 705 series will help you achieve your objectives.

1. Including 3 dB theoretical power split.
2. With coherent inputs.
3. Terminate with a 50 Ohm load of sufficient power rating.
4. 50 ohm nominal impedance standard.
5. Operating temperature range is -55°C to +85°C.