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IN-1.500-M03, 10 Watts, N-Female 1.000-2.000 GHz

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An RF isolator is a two-port passive device made of magnets and ferrite material which is used to protect other RF components from excessive signal reflection. MECA offers our IN-1.500-M03 isolator in N-Female connectors with average power ratings from 10 watts and frequency range of 1.0 - 2.0 GHz, and are readily available and can ship from STOCK to 4 weeks after receipt of your order. IP 67 compliant isolators available.



1. Isolators are designed with an internal 2W load capability and 50 W for our High Power IP 67 series. Consult factory for application information.
2. Higher Isolator power levels can be achieved utilizing our circulators with an external load. MECA carries an extensive selection of high power loads. Please consult with a MECA applications engineer to discuss your requirement.
3. Isolation performance contingent on a VSWR of 1.05:1 Max. on terminated ports.
4. 50 ohms nominal impedance is standard.
5. Additional frequency ranges available, please consult with factory for specific ranges.