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Application Notes

RF/Microwave Application Notes

RF/Microwave Glossary

RF Power Measurement Kit
Why Directional Couplers Are Better for High Power Measurements vs. Attenuators

Directional Coupler Basics (MAP-701)
How to specify the best directional coupler solution for your critical application.

Hybrid Coupler Basics
Basic theory and common applications for 90° and 180° hybrid couplers.  Diagrams for all possible port configurations and resultant phase relationships.

Isolator/Circulator Basics
Isolator/Circulator basic theory and definitions, common applications, power ratings, special handling and storage considerations.

IP Ratings Explained
IP dust and water protection rating chart

Passive Intermodulation Measurement Techniques
by Summitek Instruments - Englewood, Co

Power Dividers as Combiners (MAP-801)
Why most power dividers are not suitable for combining.

Reactive Splitters
Basic introduction, common applications and information on why reactive splitters should not be used in combining applications.

RoHS Compliance Statement

Long Term Evolution (LTE) – A White Paper from the UMTS Forum

Frequency Band Designations