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DC802-2-3.300WWP, SMA-Female, 0.6-6.0 GHz

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MECA Electronics’ latest New Product Offering, 2-way broadband DC blocking Weatherproof Divider. Blocking DC on ALL ports covering 0.600-6.000GHz (DC802-2-3.300WWP) encompassing Public Safety through ISM bands. With typical performance of; VSWR’s of 1.25:1, Isolation 22 dB, Insertion Loss .6 dB and exceptional Amplitude & Phase Balance of 0.3 dB & 5 degrees max. This is in addition to the family of 2, 4, 8 & 16 way splitters in various connector styles and IP60 & 67/68 ratings.

1. Above theoretical split
2. 50 ohm nominal impedance standard.
3. All output/combiner ports are in-phase (0° difference).
4. Operating temperature from -55°C to +85°C.
5. 200V Maximum DC voltage
6. Same mechanical dimensions as corresponding V-Line models
7. See application note MAP-801